New Albion Impact Group Launch!

The community of Albion, Michigan is about to get some help from the Albion College Alumni. The Alumni group is providing a way to get involved with capital investment and talent. The mission and goal of the new impact capital group is...

"To partner with the efforts of Albion College and other for-profit, charitable, educational and government organizations to build a new model of economic sustainability for small towns across the nation. By rebuilding the City of Albion, we can show how to rebuild small towns across America."

New Albion Impact Group, LLC will enjoy the leadership of Impact T3 Management Co, LLC  and plans to use Albion College students to assist with Assessment and due diligence in partnership with Gingras Global.

Some of the private equity impact capital organizations are groups and some are registered as  funds. While both may provide capital, some of the organizations are providing additional support in the form of coaching, mentoring, skill building, networking, projects, and forums. The additional services provided have an impact on two organizations: the investee and the capital organization by allowing additional reasoning for SEC exemptions.

The New Albion Impact group is accepting accredited investors through mid-June of 2016!