Part 4 of 8: Hot Spot Quarterly Goals for Social Enteprise

Social Impact Goals!

Part 4 of 8: Hot Spot Quarterly Goal Setting for Social Enterprise

Social Impact Goals!  

If you have been following this series, you know that we are hitting four main areas and two subareas within each one. For review, they are:

Part 1 of 8: Business Enterprise: Products

Part 2 of 8: Business Enterprise: Customers

Part 3 of 8: Social Impact: Measurement Options


Today, we tackle Part 4 of 8: Social Impact- Setting the Goals

Setting the Goals for Social Impact

You will need to complete Step Six in Part 3 of 8 to complete this next session of goal setting. Jump back and do it quickly if you haven't yet had a chance.

Pull up your chart from Step Six. Here is an example of one for reference.


In this example, Walking Web Head has all three types of possible and desired social impact. You can see that type organizes it and a unit of measurement is assigned.  It is almost impossible to set the goals unless the impact has a type and unit because you must be able to measure and execute. You also have a rough idea of the cost of execution to your organization by assigning a dollar value to the units.

Remembering our process of setting very short term goals in Part 1 of 8, we must select something very small that can be accomplished within the next 90 days. Attempt to consider this goal in the context of how much time and effort it will take alongside the resources needed to deliver it.

Social Impact Goals are the only goals in your organization that will directly oppose your profit.  

It is also the area of the goal setting that can quickly become larger than life because it is fun and exciting!  We understand that this is the reason you probably started your organization! 

So, keeping this in mind, set ONLY ONE goal in this area. Why only one? Because you have seven other short-term goals to accomplish for your overall organization!  Yup, this is where almost everyone slides off course. The temptation is strong to 'do more.' 

Remind yourself that you will do more if you stay balanced as an organization and you stay open!

Let's look at our example with Walking Web Head. Here were the short term goals selected over the past several quarters:

  • -Interview four candidates for employment with learning disabilities
  • -Hire one candidate for employment
  • -Send ten patches to Ghana children's home
  • -Pilot a patch program with one high school freshman at Brain's High School

Are the sample goals measurable? Will they know if they hit them after 90 days? Yes.   

Given their target of thousands of patches to send to children, a short-term-goal of sending only ten can seem minuscule, right? What if I told you Walking Web Head likely has already sent over 1900 patches? Now, Walking Web Head is a fictitious company. However, this is how this process happens. Small steps over and over again lead to significant results!

Are you ready to try setting measurable short-term goals for your organizations' social impact? Write them down, and you are now half-way home on your discovery of stepped building blocks for sustainability!


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See you next time!


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