Program Development


Program Development Bridge Services

Sometimes you need help getting over to our platforms.


Our program development bridge services are perfect if you are just getting started, don't know where to start, or just need to dip your toe in slowly.

In our program development area, you can hire Gingras Global to help you develop your own local impact investing process, perform  al-a-carte  Assessments or Quarterly Reporting on social enterprise, or engage us for a set of cash flow forecasting sessions on a social enterprise or project. 

We help you decipher good impact investing matches through our match analysis tools and will make program recommendations. 

We will help with syndication management of local deals with every type of funding. 

We can also help you set up your own impact investing fund - this is our specialty!

We love to make complicating situation simple.



Minimum standard rate is $2,500 which is 20 hours at $125

Development needs beyond the $2,500 are hourly at $100 per hour

Initial Down required of $2,500



For more information, please reach us at

We would love to draft up an estimate for your consideration.