Instructions for Reporting Platform

Welcome to the Reporting Platform~ We do our best to provide you with lots of tools and links that will help you with your Quarterly Reporting and Assessments.

Quarterly Reporting Resources

Click on any of the links to pull up guides and publications below:

1. Quarterly Report User Guide- First Time User - The Quarterly Report User Guide for First Time use is complete with Video and has an option for a PDF download

2. Link to the Quarterly Report Input Side  - Use this link to enter your details every quarter.


Assessment Resources

Click on any of the links to pull up guides, videos, and publications:

1.  Items to have ready for Assessment

2.  Revenue Forecast Excel Table Template - Use this to help you prepare your revenue forecasting

3. Video on Revenue Forecast Table Template - Check out the video so you can have some tips on how to use the table


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