CITY GIRLS SOAP September 06, 2014

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CITY GIRLS SOAP September 06, 2014


City Girls Soap         September 06, 2014

Location- Pontiac, MI.

Organization Description- John and Amy McIntire founded City Girls Soap in 2011 as a division of Johnny Mac & Cheese, LLC. City Girls Soap makes a handcrafted, cold process whole body soap, using ingredients sourced from Urban Farms of Detroit and Pontiac.

Legal Structure- LLC

Stage of Business- Early Development

Primary Product- City Girls Soap makes body soap using goat milk. The soap is made with five ingredients plus essential oils.

Primary Customer- Conscientious consumers. The target market is the consumer who is aware of the environment and what goes in and on their body and has a desire to do what is best for their health, body and environment.

Revenue YTD- $12,327

% Rev. from Primary Product- 98%

Social Mission- City Girls Soap is passionate about creating opportunities to expose at risk youth to the urban agriculture industry as the path to their potential future.

Social Mission Beneficiary- City Girls Soap seeks to hire urban youth in Pontiac, Michigan and surrounding areas who may or may not know where food comes from and the potential for business from a base farm product.

Impact Style- Product or Service has social impact

Impact Staffing- Employer of staff with reduced capacity

Impact Ownership- N/A

Business Recovery-  N/A

Overall Sustainability- This organization is currently 100% self-sustainable

Score-  62

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