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Detroit Ento         February 29, 2016

Location- Detroit, MI.

Organization Description- Detroit Ento, LLC is a entomology manufacturing and prototyping social enterprise.  Detroit Ento has a primary focus on cricket production for people food, pet feed, and eventually pharmaceutical products.  To quote the founders "food, feed, and pharma." Detroit Ento, LLC is poised to be SE Michigan's first licensed, sustainable protein R&D Firm, focusing on the production of locally reared insects for food, feed, and pharmacological purposes.

Legal Structure- LLC

Stage of Business- Early Development

Primary Product- Crickets

Whole Cricket (dehydrated, fresh, ground, and frozen)- Retail, Culinary/R&D and to distributors for powdering. We will also eventually be selling the Cricket Powder ourselves to be distributed to food producers for protein bars, shakes, baked goods, etc.

 Trays of Cricket Eggs to other farmers and potential livestock customers. Cricket Frass (composted excrement) as high nutrient dense organic fertilizer.

Primary Customer- Food Producers/Manufacturers. Chef's, bakers, health-food/conscious/ethical consumer oriented food product producers. Livestock producers. Eventually, any production facility with a large amount of bio-waste needing mitigation to utilize our insect production on site or to transport their surplus to our facilities.

Revenue YTD- N/A

% Rev. from Primary Product- N/A

Social Mission- At the heart of Detroit Ento, we are all social entrepreneurs that care deeply about food and the environment and the socio-economic conditions that keep individuals impoverished. We have a strong long-term focus and commitment toward hiring and building Ag-Tech skills development for local Detroiters so that the next generation can be adequately equipped to take on the diverse challenges of food production and population growth. 
To work with economic and workforce development centers to build new paradigms in Ag-Tech skills building

Social Mission Beneficiary- For employment: Under-served local Detroit residents, returning citizens   Broader beneficiary: the larger livestock rearing industry; other food and agriculture industries with the goal of waste stream reduction programs and food security; the average consumer; the overall environment 

Impact Style- Product or Service has social impact; Environment

Impact Staffing- Social Staffing

Impact Ownership- N/A

Business Recovery-  N/A

Overall Sustainability- N/A

Score-  BEST

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