DETROIT SEWN INC September 02, 2015

Detroit Sewn Inc Asmt Store Cover.jpg
Detroit Sewn Inc Asmt Store Cover.jpg

DETROIT SEWN INC September 02, 2015


Detroit Sewn Inc.       September 02, 2015

Location- Pontiac, MI.

Organization Description- Detroit Sewn™, a full-service cut-and-sew manufacturing company, offers technical design, pattern making, tech packs, samples, and small and medium runs for apparel, home goods and other items. 

Legal Structure- C Corp

Stage of Business- Detroit Sewn, Inc. is opening at the time of this reporting output. Since the organization has not yet been open for at least six months, it is considered to be in the Catalyst phase. 

Primary Product- The primary product is sewn products, specifically for the apparel, home goods and automotive industries.

Detroit Sewn is providing cut-and-sew manufacturing capabilities, along with technical design and pattern making services for apparel, home goods, and automotive. 

They are starting with full-time work for three sewers through outsourcing from TDIC, which is an automotive application pictured above. 

Once the production manager is hired, they will begin offering services for custom sewn products, primarily for apparel and home goods.

Primary Customer-  Fashion designers/brands and automotive suppliers.

Revenue YTD- N/A

% Rev. from Primary Product- N/A

Social Mission- To provide jobs that earn a living wage to graduates of the Industrial Sewing Certificate Program while also financially supporting Detroit Garment Group.  The recipients are the Graduates of the sewing program and Detroit Garment Group, which also impacts Michigan's entire fashion community.

Social Mission Beneficiary-

Direct: Graduates of the Industrial Sewing Certification Program and Detroit Garment Group

Indirect: Michigan's entire fashion community; employers in cut and sew manufacturing now able to fill more contracts

Impact Style-  Resources Sharing: Profit

Impact Staffing- Social Staffing-initial reduced capacity

Impact Ownership-  Woman owned

Business Recovery-  N/A

Overall Sustainability- This organization is not open at this time.

Score-  BEST


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