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Live Coal Gallery            February 24, 2015

Location- Detroit, MI.

Organization Description- The Live Coal Gallery, LLC is art gallery and museum. Live Coal Gallery is one of the only children's public art museums in the city of Detroit. Live Coal Gallery (LCG) is bringing together artists of all generations–"live coals"– who will be agents of transformation in Detroit; help build a dynamic and strong community.

Legal Structure- LLC

Stage of Business- Early Development

Primary Product- Fine Art Items such as paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, mixed media, fiber art, assemblage, and collage. Handmade craft goods such as pottery, pens, jewelry, and clothing.

Primary Customer-  Target market is other artists, fine art collectors, college students, and the general public. In order to show work at the gallery artists must become members. Fine art collectors often visit local galleries to 'discover' new artists or follow artists already in their collection. General public is a major purchaser of almost half of the purchases.

Revenue YTD- $12,553

% Rev. from Primary Product- 39%

Social Mission- The social mission of Live Coal Gallery, LLC is to foster a passion for art, community, and learning; to connect artists of all generations; to serve Detroit-area artists. Live Coal Gallery wants to see the restoration of the city of Detroit and believe that engaging our community and exposing families in the arts is one way. Live Coal Gallery wants to create community through events such as Market Day which give local entrepreneurs a chance to provide products and services such a food to the gallery customers.

Social Mission Beneficiary- Direct: Artists such as youth, collectors, members, general public    Indirect: The broader creative community

Impact Style- Product or Service has social impact, Resource Sharing-Revenue

Impact Staffing- N/A

Impact Ownership- Minority, Woman owned

Business Recovery-  N/A

Overall Sustainability- N/A

Score-  52

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