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Play-Place for Autistic Children        

April 08, 2015

Location- Sterling Heights, MI.

Organization Description- Play-Place for Autistic Children (Play-Place) is a 501(c)3 organization located in Sterling Heights, MI. Play-Place's mission is to provide a judgment-free, haven of hope for families affected by autism through a unique play-powered environment combining recreation and education with a variety of social, occupational and physical therapeutic overtones. To paint a clearer picture, they liken themselves to a mini Disneyland for families affected by autism. Play-Place's one of a kind model will be a revolutionary compliment to the autism equation of intervention and awareness. It is designed to promote endless hours of excitement, cognitive & social development, sensory integration, balance & coordination, as well as professional support services and respite relief for parents and siblings. Their curriculum will service all ages. Play-Place's bottom line focuses on development, life skills and independence to assist families with the everyday nuances of "living with autism."

Legal Structure- 501(c)3

Stage of Business- Play-Place for Autistic Children has not been open for at least six months

Primary Product- The primary product is Social Development Services and Activity Areas Play-Place's 25,000 square foot, one-of-a-kind facility will boast a cosmic laser light chalk room for writing skills, artistic talents & imagination; a custom play-scape for sensory-integration, coordination & motor planning; a 48 seat cinema theater for behavioral & focus therapy; a Computer Café for interactive academic skill building & communication; an 18-seat carousel for sensory excitement; a Lego room to hone creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork skills; Calming Centers - quiet, private areas for comfort, consoling and calming for the management of meltdowns; and a haircut hut for that soothing grooming experience -- together with budget conscious supplementary services and sensory integration services. While the primary focus of intervention for autism is clinical, research and bio-medical based, no one seems to address the everyday challenges of "living with autism." There is nothing for these families to enjoy as a unit without being judged, questioned or made to feel uncomfortable. Play-Place is an unprecedented model. The objective is to alleviate costs, optimize alliances and defeat autism via big smiles and breakthrough moments.

Primary Customer- Michigan families, educators and caregivers affected by autism and other special needs.

Revenue YTD- N/A

% Rev. from Primary Product- N/A

Social Mission- Play-Place's mission is to provide a fun-filled, judgment-free haven of hope for families affected by autism. Our objective is to help restore those orphaned opportunities of normalcy by offering families something as simple as the chance to see a movie together — often for the very first time; or receiving that special invitation to a birthday party or sleepover they're not typically asked to attend.

Social Mission Beneficiary- Play-Place is dedicated to the support and growth of autistically challenged children and their families

Impact Style- Product or Service has social impact

Impact Staffing- Long term reduced capacity

Impact Ownership- Women & Minority

Business Recovery- n/a

Overall Sustainability- This organization is not yet self-sustainable.

Score- Play-Place for Autistic Children has not been open for at least six months and score is: BEST

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