REBEL NELL, L3C March 2015

Rebel Nell Asmt Store Cover (1).jpg
Rebel Nell Asmt Store Cover (1).jpg

REBEL NELL, L3C March 2015


Rebel Nell    March 30, 2015

Location- Detroit, MI.

Organization Description- "Rebel Nell, L3C creates defiant jewelry with a purpose.  Using broken graffiti pieces found on the ground, Rebel Nell repurposes the local resource into wearable art.  As part of its mission, the company is dedicated to hiring disadvantaged women to help them move from a life of dependence to one of self-reliance, overcoming barriers to employment through the fruits of their own labor."

Legal Structure-  L3C

Stage of Business- Early growth

Primary Product-  Rebel Nell's primary product is high quality jewelry made from local graffiti. The product is very unique. It resonates with the employees as they live in a heavily graphitized city. The appeal for Detroit products is popular as of this report. Customers report ‘loving having a piece of the city.'

Primary Customer-  Women ages 28-55

Revenue YTD- $329,863

% Rev. from Primary Product- 96%

Social Mission- Rebel Nell, L3C employs disadvantaged/homeless women of Detroit. The women are employed to make jewelry from unique local resources starting with graffiti. Rebel Nell will educate the women on business, life management, and empower them to transition to an independent life.

Social Mission Beneficiary- The target recipient or beneficiary is under served women in Detroit. Rebel Nell is hiring women who are recommended by the homeless shelters.

Impact Style-  Resources Sharing: Profit

Impact Staffing- Social Staffing-initial reduced capacity

Impact Ownership-  Women owned

Business Recovery-  .70

Overall Sustainability- .58

Score-  82 


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