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Welding Artisan Center Inc.          September 06, 2014

Location- Detroit, MI.

Organization Description- The Welding Artisan Center, Inc is a non-profit center for welding training, certification, and job path creation. The overall mission of the Welding Artisan Center is the same as the social mission. It is as follows: The emphasis in our country today on higher education has left behind a significant portion of young men and women that have no interest in continuing traditional education. WAC desires to re-engage the students, build self-esteem, and reinforce the value of literacy, learning, and innovation. WAC has a mission to create job paths through training with dignity.

Legal Structure- 501c3

Stage of Business- Catalyst Stage

Primary Product- The primary product of the Welding Artisan Center is the basic welding training course. Specifics: Basic Welding Program, Structural Welding Program, Combination Structural & Pipe Welding Program is 15 weeks to earn an industry recognized credential needed to earn a starting wage of $12-$15 per hour. Continuation of training in programs up to 50 weeks prepare students for jobs paying over $100,000 per year. Program Details: Basic Welding Program provides training for all position welding skills on plate, safety, and technical information. Program includes two AWS-QC7 National Welder Certifications and prepares the student for entry level maintenance work, fabrication work in small job shops and covers all major welding processes. Processes include Oxy/Fuel Welding and Cutting, SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, and Plasma Cutting. This course offers testing to meet AWS Welder Qualification for AWS D1.1 Steel.

Primary Customer-  Workforce Development Agencies: Detroit Employment Solutions Corp, Southeast Michigan Community Alliance; Employment Readiness Organizations: SER Metro-Detroit, Matrix Human Services, Focus:HOPE; Southwest Solutions Foundations: Skillman, Kellogg, Kresge; City of Detroit: Demolition Services; Public School Systems: Detroit Public Schools, Highland Park Schools; Rehab Services: Michigan Rehabilitation Services; Other Neighborhood Services Organization

Revenue YTD- N/A

% Rev. from Primary Product- N/A

Social Mission- Almost half of Detroit high school students do not finish high school. Welding Artisan Center, Inc re-engages urban young men and women with maker-environment training in the form of welding. Welding Artisan Center, Inc offers to their target beneficiaries: * mentoring specific to their desired proclivities * builds self-esteem * reinforces the value of literacy, learning, and innovation * creates job paths for individuals who have fallen out of the current job system by offering them training with dignity *graduates receive an industry recognized credential for a good paying job

Social Mission Beneficiary- Direct: High school dropouts, Former convicts, Job-shifting adults, and Returning veterans

 Indirect: Neighborhoods, Cities, Counties, State and federal governments- reduced cost; addition to income tax base

Impact Style- Product or Service has social impact

Impact Staffing- Employer of staff with reduced capacity

Impact Ownership-  N/A

Business Recovery-  N/A

Overall Sustainability- This organization is not open at this time.

Score-  BEST

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