Social Enterprise Subscriptions & Memberships


Two Types!  

1) Content & Events for $6 per month 

2) Reporting Platforms for $400 per month

See details below!

Reporting Platform: Regular $400 per Month

The reporting platform was created for the social enterprise to take their reporting to the next level. The platform provides the methodology to handle Assessments and Quarterly Reports and makes each social enterprise organization eligible for the Awards program.

Additionally, as a social enterprise, you are invited to feature your reports in the Impact Capital Reporting Library. If you share your reports, you are also eligible for the public Awards celebration. 

By signing up for the Reporting Platform, you are automatically enrolled in the SE content membership giving you access to free content, tools, and $6 events. 

The normal and full cost of the program is $600 per month. Gingras Global provides some subsidy. However, you can apply for more subsidy by placing yourself on a list and allowing potential sponsors to select your organization. We cannot guarantee a subsidy but it is well worth it to apply.

There is an option to receive subsidy making the Reporting Platform only $80 per month.  

To apply for this option, please click the link below

                         Click here to apply for subsidy on Reporting Platform


Content Only Membership $6/month - Includes Events

This is our newest addition to the member subscriptions. This is somewhat of a digital library of publications, webinars, and tools just for social enterprise. The content is all free and additional coupons are provided for extra items in our store with up to 90% discounts off normal pricing.

The content membership allows you to register for any Gingras Global event for $6 per event. Most events are $45 or more and we host at least two events per year.

This is ridiculously inexpensive on purpose. We want you to benefit and we want to find a way to bring in a few dollars so that we can continue to produce functional, practical content and tools for you.


To sign up for either membership, select the Login/Account button on the bottom right corner of this site OR click on the membership Title and you will be able to register.