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Making Money & Achieving Impact

Our enterprises and investors are focused on the same goals. Changing the world doesn’t mean giving up returns or enterprise financial stability. We will guide you with proven plans and roadmaps that deliver measureable outcomes.


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Strong, Stable, Sustainable


Are you feeling prepared, guided, and confident about your impact investing choices?

Let us help you feel strong and stable about your efforts. Our guided plans and road maps will bring clarity and confidence. It is just as important that you are a sustainable investor which, by our definitions, means you are making money on the right mission-driven companies.

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Feeling like you need some strengthening and stability in your enterprise? Fighting barriers in the marketplace such as access to capital and access to strong operational road maps? Feeling misunderstood and frustrated?

Let us help you build strength and stability in your enterprise so you can achieve long term social and financial sustainability.

We know you are trying to change the world. We understand your barriers and have the expertise and experience to help you grow. Build your enterprise in partnership with our tools and move past all of the traditional barriers.

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We are the GOLD STANDARD for enterprise and investor reporting.

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Amount of Impact Capital supported by Gingras Global as of 8/31/2019


Average enterprise profitability increase first year on our platform as of 8/31/2019


Average enterprise revenue increase first 18 months on our platform as of 8/31/2019


Percentage of impact investors who return as clients after first experience with Gingras Global



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Natalie Hazen, Vice President & Romy Kochan, President & CEO

Natalie Hazen, Vice President & Romy Kochan, President & CEO

We founded our company in 2011 and incorporated in 2016. Gingras Global is now a family of companies guiding the impact investing industry and social enterprises with incomparable results. We sisters have a combined 50+ years experience in the financial industry, strong entrepreneurial expertise around operations and finance, and most important, convicted hearts to see you become strong, stable, and sustainable.

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Well, there are some things we don’t do that our attorneys have asked us to mention so here you go!

Gingras Global Inc. (“Global”) provides fund administration services for impact funds. Global’s affiliates, Gingras Global Groups, L.3.C. (“G3”) and Makers Environment Fund Management Co.(“MEF”) manage social impact funds. G1 Impact (“Impact”) is a non-profit corporation engaged in charitable activities. Gingras Global Development, Inc,.(“GCD”) provides consulting services. G3, MEF, Impact and GCD are collectively referred to as the Affiliates.

Neither Global nor any of its Affiliates provides legal, tax, investment or other professional advice to third parties. Global will provide limited accounting services as part of its fund administration services but only pursuant to and as set forth in an engagement letter. No other Affiliate provides accounting services. G3 and MEF provide investment management services to social impact funds. Other than the funds, G3 and MEF do not provide investment advice to third parties. Neither Global nor any other Affiliate provides investment advice. Global and its Affiliates recommend that you seek the advice of tax, legal and investment professionals when appropriate.