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Gingras Global Magazine: Fall 2017



Featured Client

Impact T3 Management Co, LLC

Impact T3 found a way.

They found a way to get impact investing started with smaller contributions. The smaller contributions added up as they were able to make three solid investments in Artesian Farms of Detroit, Rebel Nell of Detroit, and Detroit Sewn of Pontiac, Michgan. Over 20 jobs have been created in just 2 years. Can't wait to see what these guys do next!  Thanks for allowing us  to be your administrator!

Impact T3 Website

Featured Professional

Andrew  Goldberg of the Law Offices of Andrew J. Goldberg

 Andrew Goldberg is one-of-a-kind. One visit with this professional and you know something is different. Andy has perfected the art of asking questions and guiding his clients to the right decisions in entrepreneurship and related business transactions.

Andy has been an extraordinary adviser for Gingras Global since 2011. Providing common sense functional solutions to complex problems, Andy knows what impact investing and social entrepreneurship mean to the legacy of communities.  We have  relied on his brillance, and we have counted on his thoughtful consideration of even the smallest human issues. 

Thanks to Andy for all of your support!

                                      ANDREW J. GOLDBERG

Featured Podcast

Jay Rayford of Social Sushi #76

Jay Rayford of Social Sushi catches us up on all of the changes in his social enterprise. He and his bigger team of four have been the champions of proving out your product through pop-ups!  

You will hear how they really built a large following before even opening their restaurant.  And, as usual, we have a great song and Detroit artist for you to close out the show. 





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