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Featured Client

Impact T3 Management Co, LLC

Impact T3 found a way.

They found a way to get impact investing started with smaller contributions. The smaller contributions added up as they were able to make three solid investments in Artesian Farms of Detroit, Rebel Nell of Detroit, and Detroit Sewn of Pontiac, Michgan. Over 20 jobs have been created in just 2 years. Can't wait to see what these guys do next!  Thanks for allowing us  to be your administrator!

Impact T3 Website

Featured Professional

The Iles Schropp Group  

The Global Institutional Consulting Group for Merrill Lynch in Saginaw, Michigan

We highlight financial professional team of The Iles Schropp Group in Saginaw, Michigan. This powerhouse group has been leading the way in missional impact for their clients. We want to personally thank The Iles Schropp Group for their support of Gingras Global. 

Every institution is unique, with its own specific purpose, objectives and concerns. The Iles Schropp Group understands the challenges your organization faces in pursuing your mission and goals. As wealth management professionals with experience on the board of directors and committees of nonprofit organizations, they can bring insight and empathy to their relationships with institutional clients across the tax-exempt spectrum. They also maintain a significant wealth management advisory practice for individual clients and their families, as part of Merrill Lynch's Private Banking and Investment Group.

A disciplined investment and problem-solving approach enables the team to offer services to a wide range of institutions, with a focus on foundations, endowments and other nonprofit entities.


Featured Podcast

Life Remodeled with Chris Lambert #64

Romy interviews Chris Lambert of Life Remodeled in Detroit. Learn how Chris has repeatedly engaged 10,000 + volunteers over a six day period to transform a neighborhood. Prepare to be inspired by this humble but powerful leader in the trenches of loving others. 

Check out the great song at the end by Detroit artist, Grace Elizabeth Lee.

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